No Room for New School Hip Hop


Photo courtesy of Arguably the two greatest rappers Tupac and Biggie rapping at a concert. This was before they had disagreement.   

Nick Turner & Shawn Gaul

Staff Writers

The rap genre started in the 1970s from a Jamaican immigrant DJ kool Herc ( Clive Campbell) who made simple raps at house parties. Usually these raps originated from his thoughts and what he experienced through his life. Herc was one of the first to interpret his thoughts and experiences through music, or specifically rap.

This genre of music did not take off or start getting recognition until the 90s. This is considered the golden era of hip hop with artist like Tupac, Biggie, Nas and Snoop Dogg who began to take over the industry.

A Foran junior Tony Pasha says, “Old school hip hop had more meaning and lyrical purpose. One of my favorite rappers was Jay-Z. He was lyrical and had a reason for his music.” Jay-Z along with other rappers were influential to the youth on the street. The rappers would talk about stories that the kids on the streets could relate to: rappers became their role models.

Entering the 2000s there were three main artists representing hip hop: Eminem, Jay Z and 50 cent.

Junior Mark Roy said, “ Listening to him was different from now because I can actually understand what he saying.”

“He’s one of my favorite artists and I would listen to him over anybody that’s new,” Roy added, referring to the new genre mumble rap that started in the more recent 2000s.

New era artists started taking over the game but some lyrical artists came up too. However,  it was mumble rap artists that took over the industry.

We are now entering another new wave of hip hop with Soundcloud Rappers. Junior, Danny Silva says that, “Soundcloud rap has been very inspiring to me as a new up and coming rapper.”

New school rappers are for the most part polar opposites of old school rappers. Most new school rappers are all about getting face tats, dying their hair weird colors and basically not looking like everyone else.

New school though, has a darker side to it unlike old school hip hop, as now a lot of rappers especially in 2018 are falling into the depths of drugs, crime and violence.

In 2017-18 alone we have lost rappers to drugs like LiL Peep, Fredo Santana and now recently Mac Miller. The nation also lost the very influential XXXTentacion to gun violence.

With the new wave of rappers talking having lyrics about drug abuse and gun violence people in the Hip-Hop community fear we may lose more rappers before they reach the age of 21. 

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