Munchin’ Through the Holidays

Abby Licata

Staff Writer

      Around the holidays, families cook all different types of food from  fish all the way to lasagna. In Foran High School, there are many students with families that cook different dishes to accommodate their traditions.

       There are a number of holidays that families celebrate around the winter and fall. Senior Hannah Turner states, “My family usually celebrates Christmas around this time of year and we all gather together and celebrate.” Another family who celebrates Christmas is Jessie Foss. Foss states, “My family celebrates and cooks for Christmas. My family cooks the best food during this holiday.” Lastly, Janella Briones states, “My family and I celebrate Christmas. This is my favorite holiday because of the foods that my family makes.”

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There are many types of food around the holidays that people eat from cookies all the way to fish.

       There are many types of foods that families make around the holidays that are special to them and their traditions. Many families make the same types of food every year which make them a tradition to the family. Foss says, “The types of food my family makes around the holidays are mostly ham, lasagna, and salad. My favorite dish is lasagna because of how amazing my family bakes it.” Differently, Turner states, “For the main course around Christmas time, my family makes sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and glazed ham. For dessert, we all make gingerbread cookies together, which is my favorite part of this holiday. My favorite dish is the sweet potatoes because we don’t have those often in my house and it is fun to get to have food that you normally don’t have.” Briones says, “My family cooks turkey and ham for the holidays, but my absolute favorite dish is my mom’s potato casserole that she makes every year.” Families have unique traditions that they celebrate that differ from others. Some traditions do overlap, but some are very special and different.

      Many of these traditions were started a long time ago and families have kept doing it to bring back memories and happiness. Turner says, “I have been making this food with my family since I was five years old and it’s been amazing.” Foss similarly states, “My family has been doing these traditions for more than 20 years and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it. One day I want to share these traditions with my children. Briones explains her long tradition by saying, “I’ve been celebrating and making these foods since I was born and I love it because it is what makes my family, my family.”

     Foods that people make around the holidays are important to who they are and their family traditions. There are many types of food that represent families.


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