Eating, Celebrating, and Welcoming the New Year

Foran Staff and Students share their plans for New Years

Nolan Adams
Staff Writer

          As the winter holidays rapidly approach, many teachers and students of Foran High get excited and prepared for the New Year festivities. They offer insight on how they will be spending their holidays, and they have exciting plans. Some teachers will be traveling this holiday season, such as English teacher Mr. Rick Raucci, who usually goes to Boston, Massachusetts or to New York. This year, however, he will be going to a wedding. Another English teacher, Ms. Cassell, shares what she will be doing this New Years. “What I normally do is I go to someone’s house,” she says, “and I celebrate with my fiancè and all of our friends! I can’t wait for the pigs in a blanket, they’re my favorite party food.”

7 Nolan Adams New Years Picture
This is Garrett’s Cannon. He will light it off to celebrate the coming of New Years. Photo courtesy of Garrett Garfield.

The teachers have many fun and exciting activities planned for this new year. It we be an eventful holiday for Foran faculty and staff. But what about the Foran students? Junior Philip Boyles is extremely excited for the arrival of the New Year. “I can’t wait to spend time and celebrate with my family. I love all the food they have at the party, like cubed cheese and the little pieces of ham that you can get with the toothpicks. Oh, and the mini sandwiches they have – so good! And all the rice, beans, chicken, ham, little party snacks, I can barely wait.”


          Junior Garrett Garfield has huge plans for this New Years. “Every year my whole family gets together,” he explains, “New Years is a big event for all of us. We all get together and every year someone gets to light off the cannon, and this year its me! I can’t wait, I’ve never been more excited.” Garrett and his whole family light off fireworks as well. “We save them from the Fourth of July, because we never use all of them. It’s really pretty seeing all of it light up in the snow.” Garrett cannot wait for the holiday so he can spend time with his family, party, eat food, and celebrate the arrival of 2019.

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