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Mr. Brian Agiere, one of the newest staff members at Foran.

Nolan Adams, Amy Alicki
& Juanito Briones
Staff Writer
New teachers continue to stream into Foran High School as the year progresses. Ms. Lauren Giustino makes the change from an English teacher of 6 years in Fairfield Public Schools to a guidance counselor at Foran. She went to Miami University of Ohio, got her bachelor’s degree in integrated english arts education, and her master’s degree in school counseling. This is her first year being a guidance counselor. “I wanted to be a guidance counselor because even though I really liked teaching, I liked the counseling side of teaching the best, so I knew pretty early in my career on that guidance was going to be the direction I wanted to go.” As this is her first year here in Foran High School, Giustino was warmly welcomed into our school. “Everyone has been very warm and welcoming and helpful.” She remarked about how she loves her job and the students she works with, as well as the faculty that work with her. “My favorite part about this job is definitely working with the students, they’re the best part,” she says, “and I like that this job has many aspects to it – I help students in need, I help students with the college process, I help them with personal issues, I help them with academic issues, I love how the job always changes.” Giustino finds many personal strengths helpful in being a guidance counselor. “Kindness patience positivity and humor. They are all very important to being a successful guidance counselor.” She went on to talk about how she really enjoys Foran. “I love the people that I work with here at Foran. Everyone has been very welcoming, very helpful, and very kind, and that’s the perfect environment to work in!”
This August, another new math teacher, Mrs. Zurolo, began her new job at Foran. This is her 18 year teaching, most of which she spent in New Haven, CT. Her past 10 years were spent at Hill Regional Career High School. Before she lived in Connecticut, she lived in Arizona and taught there as well. Her original degree was in accounting. “I felt kind of unfulfilled and bored sitting in my cubicle,” says Zurolo. Since she didn’t like her first job, she wanted to go back to school and have a job she really liked after three years of accounting. Zurolo went back to school to become a teacher. “It was something I always thought to do…I haven’t looked back,” says Zurolo. She was emergency certified in New Haven after she decided she was bored of accounting. Mrs. Zurolo appreciates teaching and watching her students learn and seeing them later on after growing. “Working with students, seeing them learn and progress as the year goes on and years later finding out what my students were doing and seeing all the great things they’ve made of themselves,” says Mrs. Zurolo.

Mr. Brian Agiere, one of the newest staff members at Foran.

The last new teacher but certainly not least, is Mr. Brian Algiere. Mr. Algiere is a special education teacher. Before teaching at Foran, Mr. Algiere taught at the Robert E. Fitch Senior High School in Groton, CT. “I originally majored in advertising and I did not like that, so then I went to get my masters in special education.” Prior to teaching here Mr. Algiere was already connected to the school, with relatives who taught here. “My favorite part about teaching is probably the kids, getting to know them and seeing them change everyday is amazing.” Mr. Algiere attributes his teaching success to his ability to relate to the kids which helps him to connect and teach effectively.

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