Leaving School for the Pool

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Great way to leave the snow and coldness back at home. Popular travel dates are from December-April.

Deanna Dempsey

Staff Writer

Sometimes you need a break. From school, from life, and everything in between. Going away to a beautiful resort on a tropical beach or to a big city somewhere, is just what people need. Leaving reality could be a nice getaway to escape the chaotic life back at home. The workplace and schools can give people an overwhelming amount of stress and causes tension in their lives. Booking a trip for either you, you and your friends, or you and your family, could be a great way to relieve the getaway urge.

Some of the most visited places in the world are Disney World, New York City, Paris, Florida, and California. Junior, Jessica Gluhanich, visits Key West in Florida every year since she was 12. “I love getting away with my family and just spending time in the warm weather at the beach. It makes me feel calm and stress free from everything going on back at home. It’s a good way to cleanse and reset for when I get back.” Gluhanich states.

West Palm Beach, Florida. Beautiful weather, many activities, and lots of beach! Great place to visit.

Junior, Alyssa Hills, has visited Paris during the past year. “ It was amazing, traveling is such a necessary thing. It allows you to see the world and not just be stuck in one place feeling isolated.” Hills enjoys traveling to exotic and unique places around the world. School is very important, but it is always a good idea to take some time off to regenerate and gain back some motivation.

Travel agent, Judy Mccone, spends a lot of time helping customers plan their vacations and guiding them. “I love to help people plan their vacations. I think it’s important for people to get away from their everyday lives where they can truly relax or explore new areas. When they return from vacation, they’ll feel refreshed and that can help them do better things at home, school and their jobs.” Just enjoys guiding people in planning their vacations and exciting visits all around the world. She believes that taking time off is very important in the human life.

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