Get Active With The Yoga Club!


Amber Frank

Staff Writer


Attention Foran we’ve got a brand new club coming soon, the yoga club! They are going to begin meeting after school every Monday, it’s the perfect way to start your week. The cofounders of the club are juniors Lily Stifler and Julia Gaul. I caught up with both of them to ask some questions about the club. Julia said they are both apart of the Cross Country team and got the idea from doing yoga before meets. They both found it very helpful and wanted to learn more about the calming exercise. Lily stated, “We are so excited to try new things and have a lot of fun with the club.” Both the girls gave a quote about what their goals were for the club. “Lily said, “I want the club members to become close!” while Julia said, “I can’t wait to learn new techniques for relieving stress over the school week.” The club currently has 20 pending members and is looking for more so head down to the fitness room and check it out.

Mrs. Pangu, a child development and cooking teacher here at Foran, is the club’s advisor.  When asked what made them decide to ask Mrs. P to help them out they responded with, “She is a very sweet and cool person.” “She has a lot of prior knowledge to help guide us with nutrition and health tips.” Pangu also said that she has prior knowledge regarding yoga and is eager to share them with the members.  I also caught up with her to chat about her goals for the club. She aims to introduce yoga to beginners and teach students how to manage stress and breathing. Most importantly, Mrs. Pangu wants students to know that no prior experience is necessary to be a part of the club. She would also like to improve on the overall wellness and health of students in an informal and enjoyable way.

High school student’s deal with mass amounts of stress all year round and this can be an effective way to start your week on a positive note.  Some benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. It improves respiration and energy, which is something a lot of us lack. Yoga helps the maintenance of a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health. Yoga’s’ even beneficial to the many athletes we have here at Foran. It is proven to make athletic performance better and prevent injuries.

It’s always great to try something new! If you feel like a good time and some relaxation check out the yoga club on Mondays in the fitness room, you won’t regret it.