Striving for Greatness: Girls’ Tennis Works Towards Goals


Foran Girls Tennis

Coming to a close: Senior night marks the end of the season. (Left to Right) Seniors Bridget Kiernan, Olivia Connelly, and Veda Lakkamraju pose together, May 11, 2022.

          Rain and shine, the Girls’ Tennis team has been practicing since late March, but their work transcends their official time on the courts. Although they’ve had a bit of a rocky season with a record of 3-11, they are steadily working towards wins in the latter part of their season. Led by Senior Captains Olivia Connelly and Veda Lakkmraju, the team is pushing through the spring season.

          Coach Melissa Kaminski assures that they have already tackled their most difficult matches of the season, and that in the next two weeks, they’re hoping to improve their record. Kaminski has been coaching at Foran since 2015, but has been playing for 29 years. She became head coach in 2017.

          Kaminski loves coaching at Foran, and shares, “My favorite memory was going 16-4 in the regular season in 2018 and making it to the Quarterfinals of the State Tournament.

          It’s not just the coach who has fond memories of the team. 

          Sophomore Aggie  Dalton says, “My favorite memory would have to be tryouts my freshman year. Even though I didn’t know anyone on the team,  I can just remember the feeling of being immediately accepted and welcomed.”

          Dalton shares that the girls “clicked instantly”, and have had fun working together to better their skills and support each other. 

          Dalton says, “My favorite part of the team is definitely the bond between not just my teammates and I, but also the bond we have with our coach.” 

          Kaminski shares that in the off season, many of the girls put in work at indoor courts and on club teams. They also practice using individual drills at home.

          As the season continues, Kaminski sees constant effort from the girls, and states, “I have one main goal for the season and that is for my players to improve every time they step foot on the court.  I have a lot of beginners on the team this year and I have had the opportunity to watch them grow over the past few weeks.”

          Kaminski is not the only one with hopes for the season. The players also have goals of their own.

          “My goal is to win more than last season, which we’re already doing, so I think we’re off to a great start,” Kiernan jokes.

          Dalton shares a more serious goal, with focus on her personal progress and team connections.

          Dalton states, “My goals for the season are to make personal progress and bond with my teammates, and to have fun!”

          The next game is today’s home versus North Haven at 2:30 pm.