TV Review: Moon Knight


Sam Cogan

Moon Knight: Promotional poster for Moon Knight, May 17, 2022.

          Marvel’s newest Disney plus original show called “Moon Knight”, was released on March 30th, and immediately became a big hit among fans with its new characters and different style of storytelling.

          Moon Knight is a Marvel hero based on the Egyptian God of the moon Konshu. Marc Spector, an American mercenary, died during a mission but was later resurrected by Konshu and given powers to act as his human avatar. Marc took on the persona of Moon Knight and became very well known in the Marvel universe.

          Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Marc has multiple identities including Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. He switches between these personalities throughout the show which creates some very interesting situations. 

          Episode one received high praise from fans and critics. Introductions to a new character can always be difficult but Marvel has hit the nail on the head with Moon Knight’s one. With just the right mix of confusing and entertaining aspects, it makes for an interesting dynamic where even the audience is puzzled as to what is happening to Marc.

          Viewer Brian Nichols says “I loved the first episode, I was super confused but I enjoyed it”

          In the second episode, Steven learns that he too can summon the suit resulting in Mr. Knight’s persona. Layla is also introduced as a new lead to introduce what Marc’s past was likeThis episode builds a lot on Marc and Stevens’ relationship and has them gain a new understanding for each other which can then be used strategically depending on what situation they are in. 

          Episode three moves to Egypt as Marc and Layla chase Arthur Harrow, who tries to stop him from unleashing Ammit, another god. Classic villain Midnight Man is teased but unfortunately the actor Gaspard Ulliel passed away in a ski accident this January so fans won’t be seeing anymore of that character. This episode also introduces a lot of the other Egyptian gods in a meeting to decide Konshu’s fate. The introduction of these gods, however, does seem a little rushed and not explained enough however.

          Marvel shows have had a trend of the fourth episode being the best and Moon Knight did not disappoint. Fans see Steven, Marc, and Layla explore a tomb in order to beat Arthur Harrow to the Sarcophagus. This whole episode is very reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider and has become many fans favorites. Towards the end of the episode Harrow shoots Marc and he is assumed to be dead. Marc then wakes up in what seems to be a psych ward and things get a lot crazier.

          Marvel fan Delia Dimaio says “episode 4 was awesome, I was so upset when Marc got shot though”

          Episode five is a hard hitter emotionally, as Marc and Steven physically meet and have to revisit their memories in order to balance their hearts on the scale of Anubis. Marc’s childhood and origin story is revealed and it is deep. Child abuse, death, and trauma are all present in Marc’s memories and it is revealed that Steven was created by Marc in order to protect him from scary situations.

          This episode had fans watching Marc cry and beg Steven not to revisit those memories because of how traumatic they were for him. SeeingSteven find out what he really is and how Marc used him was supposedly heartbreaking for viewers.

          The final episode sees Marc and Steven become one again and defeat Harrow and Ammit.

          Nichols says, “I really enjoyed Moon Knight, it has become one of my favorite shows”

          An overall hit with fans, Moon Knight will have a second season some time in the future.