Senior Spotlight: Jackson Volovski Drives Into Senior Year


Jackson Volovski

Volovski’s Classic Car Collection: Jackson Volovski lines his vintage cars in a row before school, September 14, 2022.

          In the past four years, Jackson Volovski, a senior at Foran, has been able to make a name for himself on and off school grounds. Volovski is known for his car collection and dedication to rebuilding his cars to pristine conditions. His dedication to his cars have been noticed by both the faculty and students,specifically, history teacher Mr. Tupka.

          Tupka says, “I do not think he’s afraid of work”. 

          Tupka made it clear that he could tell Volovski was dedicated both to taking care of cars in Autoshop and graduating high school to pursue his passion after school. 

          Volovski says, “I find that taking care of my cars and school work takes up about an equal amount of my time, but I find that I sometimes enjoy one compared to another.” 

          These include classes like Autobody or Power Tech. Volovski is also taking an independent study on transmissions and other car body parts like brakes or suspension. 

          Volovski’s inspiration of revamping his cars comes from his love of his vehicles, which was inspired by Mr. Tupka’s revamped cars.

          Tupka states, “Is he proud of it? Yeah because he earned it, it makes his heart beat”. 

          When Volovski first started looking for his first car, a 1984 Chevrolet Corvette and eventually a 1990 Cadillac Eldorado Blarittz, his sights were set on keeping his bond between his cars and himself very important for many years to come. 

          Volovski mentions, “Building the relationship between the owner and their car is detrimental in how the condition of the car will be”. 

          Volovski highlighted the importance of keeping his cars in clean condition since having a dirty car will personally impact him because his relationship with his car is so grand. 

          According to a study conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value, today’s cars are evolving from a mode of transportation to a new kind of moving data center with onboard sensors and computers that capture information about the car and its driver. 

          As of 2022, the automotive industry has transformed to make bonds between the car and its owner by making cars become more built with AI. 

          Additionally, the study states, “Digital technologies, lifestyle expectations and personal mobility options are changing the outlook on how consumers will move around…” 

          In Volovski’s case, he dedicates hours every day to rebuilding his cars, which has paid off exponentially because of the name that he’s made for himself and how much has paid off from it.

          Jackson says, “I find that the relationship between a car and its owner is sometimes unparalleled”

          Volovski continues saying that the freedom of having a car or multiple cars is so invigorating and exciting for any plans he has with friends or maybe having to stay late after school for any work he does.