A Year Ago, Today: TLC Vision Comes to Life


Olivia Salai

Color Theory: Vivid reds of the firepit seating compliment rich blues in the new flooring, September 20, 2022.

           From the blueprints on paper to reality, the TLC is finalized in terms of renovation and revamping. Varying furniture structure ensures all students can find a spot to enhance productivity. Kids flock to the egg-shaped orbit chairs and the roundabout seating of the fire pit area for collaborative learning. Junior Maia Matula cites the updated layout fosters positive classmate interactions and teamwork.

           Matula comments, “During my study, I am able to put all of my work on the table and I can easily work with my classmates. I feel like I do my work better because of the new additions.” She further explains the “vibe” cultivated by the new seating and tables feels more lively, which motivates her to complete assignments.

           For those seeking a secluded space, the privacy panel seating provides walls between chairs to aid students in focusing on independent study. In addition to high-low and tablet tables, teachers can use the whiteboard tables for instruction.

           The redesign of the Teaching and Learning Commons accelerates a return to typical peer-to-peer communication after years of social distancing. Mrs. Jaclyn DeLoma, head of the project, has seen the success unfold firsthand.

           “…The main thing right now is [students are] liking the interactions and being able to relax and find a place where they could work,” DeLoma observes.

           Aside from socialization, students can visit the TLC to check out books, CDs, and more or to refresh knowledge on Foran’s online databases. Snap circuits, robots, coloring books, puzzles, and Legos are available in the Makerspace area for those needing a creative outlet. DeLoma intends to build a Lego wall and host mini competitions in the future.

           The numerous changes implemented have enticed those who may have overlooked the TLC’s offerings in prior years to explore its resources. Junior Katie McTigue had never entered the media center unprompted during her freshman and sophomore years, but now frequents the space during her free period. She echoes Matula’s sentiment, saying the new furniture generates a “really good working environment.”

           “Another benefit of using it for study halls is that there are a lot more students in one place, so if you need help on an assignment, it’s easier to find others in your classes to collaborate with,” McTigue continues.

           Although the Foran community is already “enjoying the space and being able to interact with one another” in its current state, the TLC team has only scratched the surface of what’s in store for the space. Another stage of the project includes partnering with the culinary department to prepare and distribute snacks/ drinks in a designated cafe area. New furniture will be introduced, specifically more booth seating, to amplify the cafe atmosphere.

          All grades are encouraged to take advantage of the TLC’s facilities during study hall. To have a voice in upcoming phases, students can contact [email protected] to join the TLC Team.