Harry Styles is ‘Living in a Daydream’ After Performing for 15 Consecutive Nights at Madison Square Garden


Lloyd Wakefield (@lloyddddddddddddddddd on Instagram)

Styles shares the mic with the crowd: Fans sing along during Night 10 at MSG, September 2022.

          Singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles has just finished his residency at Madison Square Garden, where he performed 15 sold out shows. After the release of his third album Harry’s House in May, Styles decided to extend Love on Tour, his tour that began in September 2021. Since then, he has performed all over the world for thousands of fans, and will continue to do so through July 2023.

          The original Love on Tour was set for his second album Fine Line, but it was postponed because of the pandemic. Since he had performed across the country prior to the release of Harry’s House, Styles decided to have residencies in several major cities, including New York City, Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.

          Fans traveled from near and far to see Styles perform, and because there were 15 shows, many more people had the opportunity to get tickets to a show (or six). Yes, that’s right, some fans went to multiple shows because a Styles concert is a whole new experience.

          Junior Elle Philpott attended Night 15, and spoke nothing but praise for the concert.

          Philpott expresses, “It was one of the best nights of my life. Even on the 15th and final night he had the best energy and showed such compassion towards the fans and his job to entertain. The concert was full of dancing and amazing music, but also love and kindness.”

          Senior Ginger Schmidt echoes the same appreciation for Styles’ stage presence, saying, “Harry is such a performer and genuinely seems happy playing every night. Not many people could perform such high energy shows night after night, and seem like they are happy and having fun at each and every one.” 

          It is clear those who attended the concert enjoyed Styles’ songs and performances. His concert entails a majority of high energy and upbeat songs, with a few slower, more heartfelt songs in the mix. Styles performs on a 360-degree stage and moves continuously around it so that each seat gets a close view of him during the show.

          Not only did fans convey their adoration for Styles, but many also appreciated the atmosphere of his shows.

          Senior Logan Aronson shares, “The energy of the crowds was so surreal even before he came out. I think there is something so cool about all those people who don’t know each other coming together for one thing.”

          Logan’s sister, sophomore Addison Aronson, attended the concert with her on opening night.  She too was embraced by the welcoming atmosphere, meeting a fellow fan who she danced with all night and friended on social media. This isn’t uncommon at Styles’ concerts because of his fans’ friendly and social nature.

          Addison relays, “Everyone there is just so accepting and filled with love. His concert truly embraces that and you feel so safe and happy there.”

          The outfits at his shows stand out from typical concert attire. Fans go all out with their outfits; each unique, full of color, and a lot of times, sparkles. People also wear boas, adorning the streets of NYC  with stray feathers. Seriously, they are everywhere.

          Senior Shea Mahon spent months planning her outfit for the show, aiming to branch out of her comfort zone.

          Mahon relays, “After seeing pictures of all of the amazing outfits fans were wearing to his shows, I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t typically wear. I decided on an outfit that I feel embodied the vibes of his new album, and I felt confident in it. Seeing all of the outfits is one of my favorite parts of the shows, and the creativity of his fans is insane.”

          While Styles has left “The Garden,” he has surely left his mark. Styles was brought to tears upon receiving a banner on closing night with “Harry Styles 15 Consecutive Nights at the Garden” sprawled across it. Fans went wild at the sight of the banner next to Billy Joel’s during Styles’ final show.

          With Styles growing in popularity, nothing is the same As It Was. As he continues his tour, he is prepared to Keep Driving through the country and do a lot more Late Night Talking at all of his concerts.