A Behind-The-Scenes of the Foran Football Team


Maddie Babcock

Lined Up: The Lions line up to pass the ball to Guilford, November 4, 2022

           The rush of the cold air and bright lights are shining down as the Foran defense is lining up, faced by Guilford’s offense. The tension is high with 17 seconds on the clock and both sides are relentless. The crowd is holding their breath as the timer ticks down painstakingly slow, where seconds are like hours. When the announcers declare a Foran victory, the audience goes wild as the team runs to the student section cheering and the night is filled with the beaming faces of each player. It’s possible to say that this season has been won on pure talent or sheer luck, but the players tell a different story.

           With nine consecutive wins under their belt so far, the Lions have built a strong season for themselves. With it, they’ve also built a family. Gavin Marchesseault, team manager of the Lions, spoke about his fond memories of pasta parties before the games. 

           Marchesseault, who gives a speech at every pasta party before the games, says the group’s soul is seen as “How we care for and support each other.” Marchesseault also says that it’s evident in how the team plays, that the spirit of “Playing your best even if you don’t know the outcome” follows them out on the field. 

           Marchesseault has been manager for only a season, but he feels like he’s truly part of the team, and it’s been “…a second family” to him. Marchesseault appreciates having the opportunity to be a contributor to the team.

           On and off the field, quarterback and team captain Jack Cushman, says that he “Sees hard work and camaraderie” from all the players. Cushman states that the friendships formed at practice and in the locker room continue after the season. With football starting in the fall, those connections carry out to the other sports, and to other classes. During the four years that Cushman’s been playing, he’s loved the community and how well everyone works together under the pressures of football. 

           Coach Garrett Walker fills people in on what happens during the game- what spectators don’t have the opportunity to see. 

           Walker states “The enthusiasm and energy of the locker room…” is unlike most years before, with them having an undefeated season.

           From the beginning of tryouts to the Thanksgiving game, Walker states that he can see the team bond and become closer with each game. Whether a player has been playing for all four years, or only a few months, they become accepted within the team, according to Walker. The Foran Lions have one last regular season game left against Law on Thursday, November 24, and a first-round play-off game happening on November 29.