A Fraction Of The Math Department

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Blanchard


Luke Thomas

Extra Help: A picture of Ms. Blanchard helping her student, Jake Israelite, in numeracy, November 21, 2022.

          Math teacher Ms. Abbigail Blanchard is a spark in the math department, successfully capturing the fun that is in math. Blanchard started at Foran two years ago and is almost hitting her three year anniversary this year. She chose to dive into teaching math because it gave an insight about a different kind of world that is based around numbers and equations.

          Filling Mr. Adam Kelley’s former spot, Blanchard takes pride in her ability so far to engage her students in the greatness that is math. 

          According to a study conducted by Zippia, https://www.zippia.com/math-teacher-jobs/demographics/ , 78% of math majors with a bachelor’s degree  continue a career as a math teacher, while 20% of math majors with a master’s degree pursue a teaching career. 

          Blanchard says, “I don’t think I ever doubted becoming a math teacher when I was in college. There were times where getting my math degree was difficult but I have always wanted to teach high school students, so it was worth it.”

          Covid-19 has taken a toll on all job markets but the market for teachers has taken the biggest hit. According to the Connecticut Department of Education, there are current statewide shortages of certified educators in eight key areas from math and science to languages and even psychologists.

          Blanchard adds, “When I was younger I was able to volunteer in an elementary school to help students with special needs. Before coming to Foran, I also interned at Law for a year during my graduate program.”

          With a variety of experiences ranging from volunteering when she was younger to now teaching math in the high school level, Blanchard also adds to the resume coaching the promising powderpuff and softball teams. 

          Blanchards says, “I really like to see the students outside of the classroom and see the other side of them. And the lightbulb moments from the students in the classroom.”

          Mr. Alan Stern, Blanchard’s mentor, says, “Ms. Blanchard is very dedicated and enthusiastic. I greatly appreciate her positive attitude and desire to grow as a teacher.”

          Adding to her repertoire, Blanchard has loved her time here at Foran and continues to visit with Stern and learn from him after her past mentor, Mr Frank Peters, left. 

          Fortunately, this is not the first time that Stern has mentoring teachers so Blanchard has a teacher that can give her years of experience. 

          Stern explains, “It’s been great working with Ms. Blanchard. I’ve always enjoyed working with new teachers and helping them learn.”