Concert 101

Tips and Tricks for Attending a Concert


Julia Deicicchi

Concert Life: Confetti and smoke fill the stage during a Dan + Shay concert, September 11, 2021.

           To many, concerts are a core memory that they will never forget. From seeing a favorite artist to tagging along with family, there is a high likelihood that concert attendees will have a great experience. With that being said, concerts can be expensive and sometimes complicated; here’s how to overcome these possible challenges.

           To start off, expensive ticket prices make it valuable to learn how to get the cheapest tickets possible. Tickets are almost always initially sold on Ticketmaster and then resold on other third-party websites such as SeatGeek, StubHub, Vivid Seats, and more.

           Pre-sales are often the best bet to getting first grabs on tickets. A few weeks before pre-sale occurs, fans can sign up to get randomly selected for a chance to receive a special code. If a code is sent, fans can use this code to get into the initial presale at a specific time and date.

           Senior Shea Mahon received a pre-sale code for a Harry Styles show back in May.

           She says, “Since I was able to get a code, I got tickets for face value the day the sale occurred, which was awesome.”

           Due to high interest in tickets, many fans don’t receive a presale code and have to resort to getting regular sale tickets. If the cheapest tickets are the goal, buyers should arrive in the queue 20-30 minutes before tickets go on sale. Prices often skyrocket or sell out quickly. 

           If the prices do become astronomical, it is wise not to purchase them at the moment. Many tickets from both resellers and Ticketmaster will drop in price the closer it gets to the day of the show.

           Fans can also look out for local giveaways on radio stations like KC101, who are always hosting various opportunities to give away free tickets. Ticket buyers should shy away from buying off of Twitter or any other social media platforms that are often filled with scammers.

           Once tickets are purchased, having a set plan for the night can be helpful. If fans have seated tickets, arriving at the venue one to two hours before the concert begins is recommended for time to find parking, go through security and find seats. If it is general admission (GA) or “pit” tickets, and fans want a close view, arriving several hours before helps to guarantee a close view. However, if fans want to hang out in the back of the crowd, they can still experience the joy of live music.

           Senior Rylie Keller conveys, “I saw a country concert in the summer, and even though my ticket was on the lawn far away from the stage, it was still one of the best days of my life. The concert had big screens to see the performer, and the atmosphere was amazing.”

           Being at a concert is great and many get so excited for the day, often forgetting the basics. Always make sure to have water, and if venues don’t let food/drink in, bring money to purchase it there. It is best to be prepared with a charged phone, a comfortable outfit, and have prior knowledge of the venue’s protocols and requirements online.

           Concerts occur year round and CT has several venues across the state, all unique and worthwhile. For music lovers and fans, concerts are a great way to enjoy a favorite song live in an environment of people who also love the performer(s). 

           Senior Fiona Ciambriello expresses, “The atmosphere of being at concerts just feels so unreal and breathtaking. Being there, seeing the artist you love makes it the best day of your life.”

           The next time a favorite artist or band is nearby or a friend begs to tag along to a concert, consider attending in the cheapest and safest way possible. Concerts reflect an environment where fans can simply enjoy the moment without worrying about anything else, and that is truly a rare experience.