All SCCs: The Process

How Student Athletes are Selected to Represent the Southern Connecticut Conference


Bridget LaFountain

Foran Girls Soccer All SCC Players: Girls Soccer Players who made all SCC pose for a girls only photo, October 2022.

          Achieving the All SCC title is an honor, but how can one receive it? Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC)  is one of 11 conferences in the state of Connecticut. The SCC consists of 23 member schools in the southern region of Connecticut.

          “The SCC is one of the larger leagues in the state, so there are sometimes challenges with that. However, our diversity is our strength so there is great opportunity for our member schools to agree and disagree on issues, but more importantly, to work together as one league,” SCC Commissioner Al Carbone states. 

          The process to make all SCC for girls soccer, boys soccer, football, and volleyball are the same. At the end of each sports season, coaches will create a list of whom they think deserve to be named ALL SCC. The list will then be approved by the school’s athletic director.

          After the approvals, all coaches in the SCC Conference attend an end of the year meeting where they discuss and pitch their athletes to three other coaches. They then take a vote and rank the players that they believe are deserving of the All SCC title. With that being said, coaches cannot vote for their own players while in this process.

          Girls Soccer Head Coach Casey Blake states that she nominates players based on “level of play, consistency, as well as where they stack up with other teams we play.”

          Differently, for Cross Country and Girls Swim and Dive the decisions on who makes All SCC are purely based on the athlete’s performance. For both sports, athletes compete in a SCC tournament where, if placed in the top three of their event, they are named All SCC.

          From football, Aidan Grant, Joe Gaetano, Jack Cushman, Justin Daniel and Jimmy Cobain made All SCC third tier. 

          Nico Agresti and Cristian Boutote made All SCC First Team for boys soccer. Tye Haley and Gianni Troia made All SCC Second Team for boys soccer.

          Lastly, for girls soccer, Colleen Ardolino made All SCC First Team and Jamie D’Avignon and Taylor LaFountain made All SCC Second Team.

          Senior Nico Agresti states, “I was not expecting to make the All SCC first team.4. I felt great when I made all SCC first team, especially making it with Cristian who I have been playing with since we were young it was just a great feeling”

          Agresti has been playing soccer for 14 years and is always working hard to improve his overall speed, skills and strength.

          Senior Colleen Ardolino adds, “Working towards making all SCC is being an overall great player, including your attitude and sportsmanship during the game. However, you should also try to make yourself noticeable to other coaches when you play other teams because they are the people that are voting for the players, not your own coach.”