How to Effectively Study for Midterms


David Maslar

Photo 2 Extra Help: A student gets help from math teacher Ms. Ashley Springsteen in the numeracy center, November 11, 2022.

          With the last full month before midterms upon us, many students may find it difficult to study. However, there are many techniques to use to effectively study.

          One technique that works for many students is the PomoDoro Method. This method includes studying for a certain amount of time and then taking a break. 

          According to an article by The Muse, “The idea behind the technique is that the timer instills a sense of urgency. Rather than feeling like you have endless time in the workday to get things done and then ultimately squandering those precious work hours on distractions, you know you only have 25 minutes to make as much progress on a task as possible.” 

          The most common time frame is studying for 25 minutes and taking a break for five; however, these times can be adjusted for different people.

          Junior Erin Schmitt explains one strategy that she likes to use, saying, “I try to explain the material to my parents or friends, and if there’s something I do not know how to explain I know I have to review it again.” 

          Starting early is a great way to maximize your ability to do well on midterms. The earlier you start, the less likely you are to feel the need to cram in studying the week before midterms. Starting early will reduce the chances of feeling overwhelmed or anxious. 

          Schmitt offers a tip for students who haven’t taken a midterm before, sharing“Come up with a study plan so you don’t stress yourself out cramming the night before”

          Another good practice is to shut off electronics, or put them out of reach. Electronics can cause distractions, however if they are out of reach or shut off they will be less likely to interfere with study time. 

          Using resources is crucial to doing well on midterms. Foran school counselor Mrs. Jennifer Close explains, “I highly encourage my students to speak to their teachers directly regarding the best method to study for their exam. Students should keep their notes and any old tests or quizzes that they have taken in a safe place at home to refer back to when creating their study guides.”

          Practicing strategies like mindfulness or meditation can also help relieve stress. Set aside some time to practice mindfulness- there are hundreds of useful videos on YouTube about mindfulness and exercises to do. 

          Close adds, “A tip I would give students taking midterms for the first time is to try not to get too nervous about the exams. If they have been completing their work since the start of the class, they have all the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the midterm.”