Our Bill of Rights: Celebrating the Day It Came to Be


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Bill of Rights Plaque: This plaque shows the first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights and exactly how they are written in the U.S. Constitution. October 1, 2015.

           231 years ago, the Founding Fathers of the United States published a series of laws that soon became 10 of the most important laws of our country even to this day. That historic day, in which these rights were engraved into the future of civilization, is believed to have taken place on December 15. It is remembered and honored annually as a national holiday, and people put effort into showing their gratitude and appreciation for these rights that are ensured to everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, culture, or background.

           Honoring such an impactful event in the nation’s history shows appreciation for those who sacrificed everything to create the necessary change to enforce these rights. People sacrificed time, money, well-being, and even their life to ensure that the Americans of the future would live lives that are protected, happy, and healthy. 

           Although those who enacted these laws are no longer here to recognize the country’s appreciation , Americans can still commemorate their legacy by educating others on the lengths they took to create change. This can also stand as a lesson to show people the necessary amount of effort it takes to create important change, and the benefits that can happen as a result for years to come. Not only that, but the actions of the Founding Fathers exemplify that some things are worth the turmoil and pain that the process can ensue.

           History teachers here at Foran are a huge part in ensuring that future generations remember the origin of the United States. History teacher, Mr. Austin Cesare, does his best to educate students on what went into the fight for our freedom, and the writing to prove it.

           Cesare states, “I start out the school year by always talking about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I give examples of how the Bill of Rights impacts peoples lives and when it comes to the civil rights movement there’s no doubt that the Bill of Rights gave a lot of people voice in terms of challenging a system and challenging what was going on in that time period so I really focus on the Bill of Rights in my instruction and I think it is critical for students to understand the importance of it.” 

           Mr. Frank Tupka, another history teacher at Foran, also acknowledges the importance of the Bill of Rights and why it is critical for American society. 

           Tupka states, “The Bill of Rights provides legal protections to our most basic freedoms, protecting us from and protecting us from tyranny. It is easy for Americans to lose sight of this as our rights and liberties are so ingrained in society, we don’t often feel them being at risk.”

           Bill of Rights Day is often overlooked, but it is very important to remember this day. 

           Tupka continues, “The day is overlooked in large part because it is easy to take the Bill of Rights for granted. It has been so effective at protecting and expanding freedoms to the people that we forget how unusual our society is when compared to the long arch of history.”

           Tupka feels strongly about the effects of this occasion, knowing that commemorating it has strong effects on the people of that time, and now.

           “Days such as this are critical in helping the public better remember how important our government documents are and the contents of them.” Tupka finishes.

           Not only can these lessons be taught in schools, but also online, in museums, in books, and anywhere around the country. Although most kids know about the Bill of Rights and how it was formulated, their sources were likely limited to their school teaching; it is equally important to explore the foundation of the country in other places. 

           Jaden Prosser, a student at Foran, has taken AP United States Government and Politics and has extensive knowledge on the Bill of Rights.

           Prosser states, “I value the Bill of Rights because it gives us freedom. I think that it’s important because this will never change and is something we can always look back at.”

           All in all, spreading the facts, and emotions of the past helps others to acknowledge and appreciate what they have. Whether it be their homes, freedoms, or simple existence, people can feel gratitude for all they have, when they think back on who provided them with a chance to live freely. Knowing that anything that exists in our country today stems from this fight for freedom helps us know that our country is strong, independent, and willing to fight to ensure that every individual’s rights are protected.