Random Acts of Kindness Day


Mackenzie Posey

Helping Each Other Out: Freshman Jack Sullivan going over an assignment for English class with Cooper Fitzgerald, January 23, 2023.

           Even the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference in someone’s day. Random Acts of Kindness Day is similar to, but not the same as World Kindness Day. 

           World Kindness day falls on November 13 and is a holiday that was formed in 1998 to promote kindness around the world. Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17 and is much more centered around the actual acts of kindness specifically, as opposed to the general idea of kindness that is celebrated on World Kindness Day. 

           Random Acts of Kindness Day was started in 1995 by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. As more years pass, the holiday is becoming much more known and celebrated by many people and communities. 

           Although this may be just one day, random acts of kindness are celebrated all throughout the year. 

           Senior Joey Kerzner states that “People lifting each other up when the other one is down, standing up against a bully, etc” are all examples of kindness seen in his everyday life. 

           Many other students state kindness they see everyday includes giving compliments, holding the door for others, or even just offering help. Kindness can be an easy task that can be accomplished by anyone.

           Random Acts of Kindness day is especially present and celebrated in many school environments. Students need simple kindness to get through their days. 

           Junior Jacob Collette, describes kindness as “Someone going out of their way to help you or make you feel good.”

           Collette makes a strong point about feeling good; a simple act of kindness can make the biggest difference in someone’s day. Whether that be a stranger or a friend, one kind act has a large impact. An act of kindness can be as small as saying hello to the person next to you, or donating your other clothes, or even holding the door for the person behind you. The possibilities are endless. 

           Junior Erin Schmitt says, “Random Acts of Kindness Day is important because it shows the importance of kindness and the impact it can have on others.”

           Schmitt elaborates on the need for kindness in a “just because” type manner. She believes that kindness should be an unprompted act, and a reward isn’t necessary. When people are kind to one another, it is proven that feelings of confidence, control, happiness, and optimism are significantly boosted. Not only are these feelings boosted in the person receiving the act of kindness, but also the person who is being kind. 

           Next time you see someone sitting alone or behind you in line, think about going over to say hello or hold the door for them.