Living Like Luke


Luke Hackett

Heads up: Hackett (No. 7) and an opponent go for a ball in a Foran versus Law soccer game, November 13, 2022.

          Luke Hackett. Irishman, soccer player, Gaelic footballer. Hackett, 15, is well known around the school. Growing up in an Irish household gave Hackett a lot of important skills, one of them being his well developed sense of humor. 

          “Luke always was a funny kid growing up, and he always made me laugh, even in elementary school,” childhood friend Quinten Bell says. 

          Growing up wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for Hackett, but he made sure to maneuver through it and used these challenges and hardships to his advantage. In fourth grade, Hackett’s family made a life changing move to Ireland, where Hackett is from.

          “I think it really made me the person I am today. It really made me get a whole different outlook on the world and made me realize the different perspectives people have,” Hackett says. 

          Not only did he have to acclimate to Irish culture and lifestyle, but Hackett also had to cope with making new friends and connections. Hackett moved back to the states in December of his fifth grade year, re-enrolling in Calf Pen Meadow elementary school.

          Another one of Hackett’s childhood friends, sophomore Gio Winters, says, “It was weird at school without Luke. He often has a commanding presence in whatever room he is in, and his voice definitely carries throughout the school, and without him being there it was off, the aura was different, it was more quiet.”

          Hackett also is regarded as an exquisite soccer player. Hackett, who dons the number seven for the Foran Lions soccer team, is often called a leader and  a team player on the team. 

          “I think that Luke is awesome. He is great at the game, but even better in the locker room. A lot of teams I have played on have lacked a true leader, and Luke has oftentimes stepped in to fill those shoes, no matter how large or small they may be, and no matter his age,” says sophomore Tye Haley, a Foran soccer player.

          Hackett, who has been playing soccer for what he says is essentially all his life, is also a noted player on Connecticut Football Club Elite Club National League team. Hackett has traveled up and down the East Coast just to play soccer, and has the trophy cabinet to show for it.
“I have been to Georgia, to South Carolina, and other places just to play soccer. It really makes me feel proud knowing that I am good enough to play soccer at this high of a level, and not only play, but be able to win multiple trophies while playing,” Hackett remarks. 

          Hackett is also a Gaelic Football player, a sport that isn’t that well known in the states. Hackett, who plays very casually, went to Ireland this summer for a Gaelic Football tournament, an Irish sport combining aspects of basketball, soccer, and gridiron football.

          “Luke is a great role model for the younger players who play GF, and he is actually fairly good at it. He gave me a massive leg up when I started playing, and it really gave me a great experience,” says sophomore Ryan Bacon. 

          Bacon, who only played a week’s worth of Gaelic Football, says “The experience left me with a great lesson in life, and really made me look at Luke in a different light.” 

          Hackett is a Natural Helper and is involved in a lot of clubs around Foran. 

          “Luke is awesome. I have a couple classes with him, and he is always helping kids out, and putting others before himself,” sophomore Nolan Fortier says. 

          Hackett is also very involved in athletic events. Hackett has been to numerous football, basketball, baseball, and other sports events, loudly sporting whatever the theme is, and being a commanding presence.  

          “Luke is often at sports games, being one of the loudest voices in the student section,” Fortier adds. 

          Besides being a helpful friend and showing great school spirit, Hackett is also an extremely bright student. He is currently enrolled in all level one classes, along with being in AP U.S. Government and Politics. 

          As a dedicated student, athlete, and friend, peers and members of the Milford community anticipate a bright future for Hackett.