Rick Raucci Leaves the Lion Pack


Jeff Raucci

The Raucci brothers stand with their beloved family: Rick Raucci and his brother join their family for a nice dinner at colony grill, September 2022.

          Mr. Rick Raucci, an English teacher at Foran High School, has made the decision to take on a new job as Regional Director of Adult Education for Western Connecticut. R. Raucci was a Foran graduate, class of ‘08  and has taught here since 2012. He continued his studies as an English major at Southern Connecticut State University.

R. Raucci has been working alongside his brother Mr. Jeff Raucci for five years. J.Raucci is saddened by him leaving. He says, “I am sad to see him leave the Milford school system, as it’s been such a big factor in his upbringing and his success, but am very happy for his new opportunity and his future endeavors he will explore in Danbury.”

          Throughout the five years they’ve spent working and living together, for the majority of their life J.Raucci goes on to say, “I loved working with him and being able to see him and talk with him every day. We have very different demeanors and personalities, but we get along very well. He has been the best mentor I could have asked for and is one the biggest reasons I am where I am today.”

          R. Raucci is leaving before the 2022-2023 school year ends, leaving Ms. Rachel Bernardo to take his place for the remainder of the year. Bernardo has spent most of the year in the TLC covering Mrs. Jaclyn Deloma’s maternity leave. While Bernardo has been here for a while, she is a friendly face to many students and has built bonds with many over time.

          Not only will staff miss R. Raucci, so will many of his students, such as junior Jenn Zarate. Zarate says “Mr. Raucci has taught me to reach my limits and help me exceed and reach my full potential in her writing.”

          R. Raucci is known as a tough but fun loving teacher and pushes students to excel and reach their goals, in their writing and reading. As he leaves Foran to pursue a new path in the education field, department head Mrs. Lauren O’Keefe shares a piece of advice and says,

          “My advice for Mr. Raucci would be to remember what he has learned during his time as a Foran Lion as he moves into his new job.”