CappuGino’s Craze

A Local Businesses Mission to Give Back to the Community


Julie Johnson

Class of 2023: CappuGino’s flyer with information on booking their food truck for upcoming events, April, 12, 2023.

          Spring has sprung, and for locals, it’s time to get out and try new businesses around Milford. A spot many enjoy is CappuGino’s, a local coffee cafe located in Milford’s Commerce Park. 

          CappuGino’s was welcomed into the community in the midst of the pandemic, and has recently expanded into their own food truck service. 

          The food truck has various menu items including coffee, espresso drinks, protein shakes, acai bowls, sandwiches, salads, and much more. 

          CappuGino’s is a family owned business started by siblings Julie Johnson, David Esposito, and Jerilyn Shannon. 

          Johnson works as Chief Operating Officer for CappuGino’s. She is in charge of running day to day operations while working in the shop serving customers. In addition, Johnson develops marketing strategies,ideas for fundraisers and outreach for the local business

          Johnson says, “My family grew up in Milford and have always looked at ways to serve our community. My siblings and I decided to open CappuGino’s with great customer service, good food and delicious coffee.”

          CappuGino’s was created in order to be run by the next generation, and supported by the current generation, with a fun place where individuals could work, learn, and grow. 

          Sophomore Addison Aronson is a frequent customer. She says, ¨I love CappuGino’s! Their coffee is amazing and the people working there are always warm and welcoming”. 

          Emily Mager is an employee who has been working at CappuGino’s since it opened. Mager enjoys getting to interact with the people constantly while working as she says, “We meet different people everyday and we have regulars that come in and are on a first name basis with some so we always have fun!”

          CappuGino’s is passionate about doing what they can to give back to the community. A portion of their profits are donated to their ‘Gino’s Promise’ giving program. Gino’s Promise gives back to the community by partnering with non-profit organizations. 

          Gino’s Promise is currently partnered with Milford Board of Education’s FYVE program and the HOPE Academy internship program. The program gives students the opportunity  to work at the shop all while gaining valuable working experiences.

          These partnerships give students with special needs the opportunity to work in a new environment. The students come in once a week for a couple hours and complete tasks such as making the items or helping to clean.

          CappuGino’s has also worked with various other fundraisers such as Stuff-a-Sack, a toy drive benefiting the Milford Prevention Council and Stuff-the-Pantry, a food drive benefiting the Purple Pantry Project. CappuGino’s was also part of a feminine hygiene drive with state representative Kathy Kennedy to benefit the Domestic Violence Shelters. 

          CappuGinos is open Monday through Friday from 7am until 3pm, and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. This summer customers will find CappuGino’s truck at various locations including Walnut Beach, in the Milford Bank, and weekly at the downtown farmer’s markets. In addition, the truck will be at the summer concerts at Fowler Field, just to name a few! Follow us on social media to see where we will be!

          In order to stay up to date on truck locations, catering availability, and to order online go to and be sure to follow CappuGino’s on social media to receive the latest updates.