What’s the Hunch on the Favorite Lunch?

Senior Favorites


Luke Cruz

What’s for Lunch: A school lunch with a turkey, ham and cheese panini. April 26, 2023.

          School lunch is important for seniors in high school since it can help them stay focused and energized throughout the day. As students get older, they often have more demanding schedules and responsibilities, including after-school jobs and extracurricular activities. A healthy lunch helps seniors stay alert and productive, avoiding the mid-afternoon slump that can make it difficult to concentrate. 

          Proper nutrition is also important for physical health, and a well-balanced lunch can help seniors maintain a healthy diet and the health goals they might have. 

          Senior Aidan Grant says, “Proper nutrition can help regulate mood and improve cognitive function, which can help seniors stay focused and productive.”

          School lunch programs can also be important for any students coming from lower-income families and struggling to access healthy food outside of school. 

          Senior Kaitlin Dobkowski says, “I think that school lunches can provide a stable ground that a lot of seniors need academically and mentally.”

          School provided lunch programs are known also for helping those who struggle with food insecurity or other challenges. By providing a safe and supportive environment, school lunch programs can help seniors feel more connected and less isolated. 

          Many argue that it’s important for seniors’ mental health as it can help reduce stress and anxiety seeing that as students get older, they often face more pressure and expectations, both academically and socially.

          Senior Xavier Douglas says, “School lunch programs can be a social event, providing seniors with a chance to take a break from their studies and interact with others.”

          The availability of lunch for students is vital for the health of a school system and seniors in the district because it promotes healthy eating habits and can help reduce the risk of any chronic diseases. 

          Kitchen manager Mary Beth says, “Lowest total we have, which is really surprising, is chicken fajitas because it usually goes against the meatball grinder.”

          Specifically in the district, having a universal health meal plan for all students is bettering the future of the student body in that district.

          Since school lunches are so critical to seniors’ days, they are usually hopeful to see their favorite lunch be served in the cafeteria. All of the seniors were given a form where they stated what their favorite lunch was; their least favorite; and what they thought was the universally favored lunch.

          The form can be found here and has recognized many answers and opinions about school lunches. Some surprising data found is that 27.3% of the students answered said that quesadillas were their favorite school lunch and grilled cheese sandwiches are the least favorable among students. 

          You can find upcoming lunches here.