On To a New Chapter

Future Careers for Seniors Entering Their Prime Years


Jonna Lord

Ready For The Next Step: Jonna Lord poses after committing to Sacred Heart University for D1 Cheerleading and business. April 25, 2023.

          As seniors embark on a new journey after high school, they look forward to creating the rest of their life. For some, it’s going into education, or continuing their sports career. Let’s look at how they got there, and how they decided what profession to join. 

          In order to achieve such a goal, seniors have to put themselves out of their comfort zone and engage with experts in the desired field. It’s important for seniors to identify the stepping stones to get to where they want to be in their life.  

          Throughout their years, students have taken numerous classes that spark their interest. An example of this is our CNA students, who engage in the medical field to follow out a potential career. 

          Many seniors are going into careers in the healthcare field. An example is Carolina Burcio, a CNA student. 

          “Well funny story.. I actually want to be a middle school English teacher, but I took CNA because it taught me good life skills and it may be something I want to pursue,” Burcio said. CNA teacher Ashley Dobuzinsky agrees, “the program lays a nice foundation regardless of where you go in healthcare, you’re still learning patient care.”

          Many are also pursuing business careers. Joe Gaetano is attending Bowdoin College, majoring in economics and physics. 

          Gaetano said, “I’ve always wanted to go into business and business school, but I’m going to continue my education and passion for science.”

          However, some seniors here have known what they wanted to do since a young age. For example, Jonna Lord. She will be attending Sacred Heart University and cheerleading D1 this fall. From a young age, Lord has been passionate about dance and cheerleading. 

          She says, ”I’ve been cheering for twelve years, and I knew this was something I had to continue into college”

          Both Lord and Lauren Stroffolino are going into real estate while attending Sacred Heart University. Stroffolino recently got an internship with Stacy Blake Realty. 

          In the future, Stroffolino wants to become a Real Estate agent and open her own agency. 

          “I’ve always wanted to be an agent,” says Stroffolino. “When I was younger I loved to watch HGTV, which inspired me to do this.” 

          She’s getting her license this summer, and she is going to continue to work for Stacy Blake next year.

          James Allen also is on a path that he’s known he had to follow for a while. Allen states, “Art has always been my passion and I didnt want to settle for doing art on the side, I wanted it to be my entire life.” Allen is attending The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, which has been his dream school since middle school. There, he will be surrounded by like minded artists and be able to make art with the help of high level instructors. 

          Others are finding a new path for themselves in the real world. Andrew Carroll plans on opening a cafe called Drew’s Brews. He has made merchandise and plans on taking marketing classes in college. Carrol states, “This is something I’ve known I wanted to do for a long time, I love talking about it!”

          Seniors are finding new opportunities to use their skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s important to branch out in a new environment to get the best experience possible. Mrs. Lauren Giustino, a guidance counselor, says,“My advice would be to get involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities as much as you can! It’s the best way to meet new people and have an opportunity to try new things.”  No matter where these seniors end up, they will make a positive impact on our world.