Passing the Torch

Senior Siblings Memories and Advice


Matt Miller

Family Ties: Matt, Sawyer, and the rest of the Miller family enjoy a night out .

          One of the most important connections has always been the older and younger sibling duo. With seniors getting ready to graduate in the spring and many underclassmen siblings only just beginning their high school journeys, many impactful memories and farewells are in store. 

          Jack and William Cushman are a senior-freshman duo and have shared a strong connection throughout their only high school year together. This past fall season, the brothers were both strong contributors on the football team, creating many lasting memories in the bustling team environment. 

          With William being a freshman, seeing his older brother contribute to one of the program’s most successful seasons only inspired him to push himself to be a better person on and off the field. 

          Being on the field with his brother is his favorite memory from high school, and William continues to nurture this connection. 

          “When my brother graduates, I want him to do his best and give everything one-hundred percent,” he states. 

          Similarly, Matt and Sawyer Miller are another senior-freshman duo who have bonded over an athletic connection during their first and only year attending high school together. Senior Matt Miller and freshman Sawyer Miller both participate on the lacrosse team, a sport both siblings have been committed to for years. However, for the first time, they are teammates on a competitive team. 

          “My favorite memory with my brother this year was lacrosse,” Sawyer states.

          Having an older brother on the team always pushes him to be the best player he can be. 

          As the senior sibling preparing to graduate in the coming weeks, Matt’s advice for Sawyer goes beyond the field.

          “Enjoy high school while you can,” Matt states. High school goes by fast, and his biggest tip for Sawyer is to enjoy these moments before it’s too late. 

          Senior Julia Deicicchi will always remember the first day of school this year, her first day as a senior, and her sister Ava’s first day as a freshman. 

          “I just encourage my sister to enjoy high school, it’s a time to have fun and try new things. It goes by super fast so enjoy it while it lasts!” Julia says. 

          Sometimes having a sibling in high school is as simple as having a friend you can always lean on. In senior Jack Pietrosanti’s case, his freshman brother Cade always had a friend in him throughout their final, and only year of school together. 

          “Driving my brother to school in the morning and bringing him home were always fun times. The simple things were often the most enjoyable times for Cade and I,” Pietrosanti states. Jack will be attending Louisiana State University in the fall, making the brief but fun memories that much more impactful. 

          “Even though Jack will be back for holidays, I will miss having him around,” Cade says. Despite being only a freshman, Cade wants to enjoy the rest of his high school years, knowing that they will fly by. 

          “Seeing Jack prepare to graduate has shown me that enjoying what I have while I can is important,” he concludes. 

           As high school seniors say farewell to their underclassmen siblings, the connections, memories, and advice they leave behind will live on for their brothers and sisters. Whether it be advice for their siblings on the field, or simply memories from the classroom, their impact will continue to be felt.