Wrestlers Take Down Opponents, Win in Post Season

Dylan DeStefano

Staff Writer

The Foran Wrestling team has gotten a lot of attention lately. Two years ago the team broke the record for most wins for Foran wrestling, Then last year they broke that record again, and fantastically they did it again this year with a stunning 27 win and 4 loss record. Under direction of Coach Esposito and Coach Luth the team has produced wrestlers at a very high quality this year. After losing many seniors, including Ben Croll, Liam Callahan, Beau Garcia, and also Class M State champions Zach Hubler and Jake Pouliot, the team now looks to a bunch of new young guns. “We had to fill the gaps and meet the standards from last year,” stated Ricky Kratzer, “It was a privilege to take over the role as captain of such a hardworking and dedicated team.”

This season is full of great wrestlers for the Foran team. The captains are Ricky Kratzer, Pat Fitzgerald, and Luke Edmonson. Ricky Kratzer had a 28-9 record, Pat Fitzgerald had a 23-12 record, and Luke Edmonson had a 31-3 record.

Other Notable wrestlers are Gino Esposito, Ryan Luth, and Noah Hubler. Together with the help of other wrestlers made them a force to be reckoned with. At the SCC tournament Ryan Luth and Gino Esposito took home first place, Nick McQuade and Luke Edmonson placed second, and Ricky Kratzer and Noah Hubler placed third. The team as a whole took second place at SCC behind Xavier.

At the state tournament there were high hopes for Foran this year. Ledyard was a powerhouse in Class M and won the previous three state titles. Foran came in second this year behind ledyard by a very close margin. Ledyard had a total of 164.5 and Foran had 154. Foran this year had two top seeded wrestlers in Gino Esposito and Luke Edmonson and a second seeded wrestler in Ryan Luth. Gino Esposito lost 2-1 in the championship match to take second place. Ryan Luth defeated his opponent 9-6 to take home the state title as a freshman. “My goal for high school was to win four state titles,” stated Ryan Luth, “It feels really good to make a name for myself and show that I can compete with the tops kids in the state.” Luke Edmonson defeated his opponent 1-0 in the heavyweight class to win the state championship for the second year in a row. Ricky Kratzer and Noah Hubler took fifth at states and Pat Fitzgerald took sixth. All of these wrestlers have qualified for the state open. This year was one for the record books for the Foran Lions Wrestling team.