Aley Phelan

Staff Writer

Fox’s newest hit drama, “Empire,” has something for everyone. The show follows the Lyon family and their musical empire. Tarrence Howard leads as Lucious Lyon, the CEO of Empire Entertainment, a recording label, and father to three sons. Taraji P. Henson brings drama to Empire as Cookie Lyon, ex-wife of Lucious, is leaving jail in the pilot and is now reentering her son’s life, who she wasn’t able to watch grow.

Empire touches on many subjects: being gay in the music industry, mental illness and discrimination because of race are just a few. The Lyon’s middle child, Jamal Lyon, begins the show struggling with the decision to come out to the media. Though Jamal has come out to his close friends and family he wants to tell his story to the world, even though his father does not support him. Lucious believes this would ruin his chances of making it as a singer, because he is black and gay.

Jamal’s struggle with his father is a constant topic in the show, changing from a growing understanding from Lucious to just the opposite. Even though his father may not support him, Jamal is able to confide in his mother, Cookie, who even though she might not have been present in his life for 17 years always supported her son.

Lucious’s oldest son, Andre, has struggles of his own. Aside from being the only son who isn’t talented like his father, he suffers from bipolar disorder. Andre is still heavily involved in Empire, as the CFO of the company.

The youngest son of the Lyon family is Hakeem. Hakeem is the most talented in Luscious’ mind, and is taken under his wing to be the new face of the Empire Company. Hakeem being the youngest has the hardest time adjusting to Cookie being back in his life. Cookie was sent to jail when he was very young and he doesn’t remember her being in his life.

This show is full of drama with the Lyon family and the Empire Company itself. The first season came to an end in a drama filled two-hour episode on March 18.

“Empire is a very entertaining new drama that encompasses all aspects of 21st century society. From gay characters to drug addicted musicians, Empire resonates with any individual,” Drew Lenz said.

Viewers can catch up with the season on Hulu Plus and get ready for season two. For those who like music, drama and entertainment this is the show to watch. Empire has broken records for the amount of views this season and is expecting a just as successful second season.