Dylan DeStefano

Staff Writer

The Major League Baseball season is coming up, and what could be more exciting? Opening day for Major League Baseball is April 5 and 6 depending on the team. This year will be an exciting year due to all the trades and new additions to each team during free agency.

A controversial topic is Alex Rodriguez returning to the field at third base for the New York Yankees. He is the top talk for the MLB this season and people either love him or hate him.

Major League Baseball gave Alex Rodriguez a 162 game suspension for his involvement in the biogenesis scandal.

“I believe he is not honest and should play the game,” stated Kevin Kwalek.

This made him ineligible for the rest of the 2013 season and the entire 2014 season. Will Alex Rodriguez be a valuable player to the team or will he be a distraction?

Last year the San Francisco Giants made history by winning three World Series in the span of five years. The San Francisco Giants have made a name for themselves as being a powerhouse in Major League Baseball. This team is not to be messed with. The previous year the Boston Red Sox won the World Series only to come in last place in the American League East Division last year. Last year the Kansas City Royals made it to the World Series for the first time since 1985 and was a complete Cinderella story in the MLB after making it to the World Series as a Wild Card team.

“The team was a complete shock,” stated Colin Firmender. “I was rooting for them to win the World Series and take down the Giants.”

After winning the World Series last year Pablo Sandoval has relocated to the east to be with the Boston Red Sox. This year has been a hot topic for free agents and it will be interesting this year. Max Scherzer is now pitching for the Washington Nationals. The Nationals now have a great pitching staff with Scherzer, Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg.

“The pitching talent on the Nationals is unbelievable,” stated Colton Canelli. “This team will be the team to beat.”

After being traded to the Athletics from the Red Sox, Jon Lester tested the waters of free agency and is now pitching for the Chicago Cubs, hoping to help the team.

This year has been a wild rollercoaster for free agency; it will be a tough race for all of the teams competing and will make for a better year of baseball.