Jenny from the Block puts on a Show Stopping Pep Rally

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Pep Rally

The Spring Pep Rally was the last showdown between classes for the coveted spirit stick. Journalism’s very own Jenny Weissauer hosted an event which is especially sentimental for us seniors; this was our last high school pep rally. I think the seniors can agree that this would be one to remember.

During the school day, the classes had declared war to attain the prestigious spirit stick. The seniors wore black , juniors wore red, sophomores wore white, and freshmen wore blue. The Art for Seniors classes were busy making posters and promote the school spirit. Juniors brought in brooms to metaphorically have a “clean sweep”, and defend their title as the winners of the spirit stick. I have to say, the intensity of Seniors vs Juniors rivalry is something we seniors will miss long after high school. Unfortunately for the senior class, we couldn’t take home the spirit stick, and lost to the enthusiastic and hysterical juniors. It was a great effort, considering that we got moved outside to the turf field, and had to adapt accordingly.

The pie-in-the-face competition among Mrs. Farrell, Mr. Troy, Mr. Peters, Mrs. DiGiacomo, and Ms. Biers was also a highlight. All week, students donated money to the teacher who they wanted thrown pie at. All the money went to their designated charities. Mrs. Farrell was the winner of the competition, and Weissauer had the pleasure slamming a pie in her face in front of the whole school. Mrs. Farrell decided to split the $401.20 with the Wounded Warrior Project, CT Humane Society, and Voices Against Brain Cancer.

The spring sports teams also performed skits for the school, and my personal favorite was the relay races which the baseball team held, and juniors R.J. Balado and Paul Witherspoon worked hard to win them. The golf team held a tug-of-war contest between the students and faculty members. After watching that, it was obvious that the teachers need to hit the gym.

Weissauer did an incredible job MCing the Pep Rally, and it will be hard to match her passion and school spirit. Fortunately for all returning students, junior TJ Stuart will take the responsibility of hosting the Pep Rallies next year. He has big shoes to fill, but we know he will do great!