Foran’s Teacher of the Year Continues to Succeed

Jenny Weissauer

Columns Editor

For the past 17 years, Foran has been lucky to have Mrs. Tummins in the Child Development wing. Mrs. Tummins teaches all the child development courses as well as interior design. Throughout her tenure here, it is apparent what an impact she has made on our Foran community.

Inspired by many of her own teachers, Mrs. Tummins graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh with a Science degree in education. She taught English at Derby High School for four years and then took time off to raise her children. When she decided to come back to teaching, she came to Foran to work with the Child Development program. Not only does she teach the courses, she has also been the director of the Child Learning Center for the past fourteen years.

One of Mrs. Tummins’ goals as a teacher is to “make a connection with her students.” She feels it is important to listen to her students and make them feel comfortable in order to maintain a good learning environment.

This past year, Mrs. Tummins was named Foran’s teacher of the year. She has made a difference in students’ lives and continues to spread her positive attitude by making class a fun experience for everyone. Senior Sal Tuozzola says, “Mrs. Tummins is the type of teacher that goes above and beyond. She does not only teach her students, but builds positive relationships with them. Due to her love and compassion for education and her students, she has had a lasting impact on myself and others.”

Personally, I have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Tummins for Child development two and child care lab. Mrs. Tummins has taught me great skills in and out of the classroom. I am going to school to become an elementary school teacher next year and hope to be even half the teacher Mrs. Tummins is. I have learned so many skills that will get me ahead in my classes as well as life skills for when I become a parent in the future.

Mrs. Tummins has been such a great asset to Foran and it’s no wonder why she is 2015’s teacher of the year recipient.

Mrs. Tummins with one of her star pupils