Students Sign to Play Athletics

Priyanka Srivastava

Staff Writer

Amanda Porportoff picturetoff will be playing softball at Kutztown University. Portoff is a co-captain of the softball team, and also was a member of the cheerleading team. When making her final decision to attend the university, softball was not the first priority on her mind. “I based my college choice on academics, and then looked into softball. Portoff is looking forward to playing at the next level. “I can contribute enthusiasm and speed”, she said when asked about what she will bring the team. Teammate Katie Gowisnock has nothing but high hopes for Portoff as she graduates and enters the next phase of her academic and athletic career. “Portoff is an amazing player who shows her passion for the game every day.”

Kayla Ellis will play volleyball at Springfield College. She was a co-captain her senior year, and she is2378601_de61bc95b8824af3ae8a031e5fee1f2d excited to start the next chapter of her athletic career. “I loved the sport of volleyball, and I didn’t want to stop playing. I feel like it brought out the best in me”, she said when asked why she wanted play. “I want to bring energy, defense and quickness to the team”. Team manager Marykate Fallon is very optimistic of Ellis. “I think Kayla will be very successful. She is an extremely hard worker when she puts her mind to something. I am very proud of her for getting into Springfield.”