Senior Athletes Spotlights

Dylan DeStefano

Staff WriterForan Lions Quarterback Jake Kasuba looks to complete a pass before the sack attempt by Indian Defender Zack Kastenhuber

Jake Kasuba is planning on playing Football for Curry College next year. He is a 3-year all state quarterback and will have his number (7) retired next year. He wanted to play a college sport because he enjoys being part of a team and playing the sport he loves. “I think I will fit in well with the team and I hope they use me for my abilities.”


Josh Teller is a goalie for the Foran Lacrosse team. He will be playing for Curry College next year. He wants to play a college sport because he loves the game too much to ever give it up and four more years will help him get better. “I want to learn to be a leader and be a big part of this team.” Teammate Timothy Orozco stated “Josh is reliable and you can always count on him to be there for everyone. He is a great player and he is a hardworking dedicated teammate.”


Pat Fitzgerald will be attending Utica College in New York next year. He plans on doing Indoor and Outdoor track and field. He is a track and field captain for Foran. He will pole vault for Utica next year. “I want to play college sports because I love the sport and want to continue to improve in the next four years.” Jimmy Berkovich, senior and captain of track and field, stated “He is a leader and teaches others and inspires them.”

Nick Tuzz

Nick Tuozzola will be attending SUNY Purchase next year. He is the captain of the baseball team and is the starting catcher. He has always wanted to play college baseball since he started playing little league. It was a top goal of his. “I think I will be a contributor to the team and help as much as possible. His teammate and senior Anthony Raccio stated “He’s very supportive and tries to help as much as possible.”


Danielle Kemp will be attending Stony Brook University next year. She is captain of the softball team. She went all-state as a Junior and is on pace to become all-state as a senior. She wants to be the best teammate there can be for her college team. “I want to play college softball because I enjoy being a part of a team and I love to compete”. Junior and fellow softball player Natalia Hart commended her teammate for her leadership skills. “I think Dani Kemp is going to be a hardworking and dedicated player. She’s going to lead her team even as a freshman”.

stephen longley

Stephen Longley will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a captain for Football and played running back for the team. He believes that he will have as big a role as anyone else and will do his job. “I want to play college football because I love it and people said I could never do it. Pat Fitzgerald, starting wide receiver for Foran stated, “He is a good motivator and role model for the younger kids.”


Emily Sabo is the golf captain for Foran. She will be attending Alvernia College next year. She wanted to play a college sport because golf has been a big part of her life for four years and wanted to continue that process through college. “I think I will be a great player for the team and will try as hard as I can to get better and help.” Teammate Reed Keller stated, “She tries as hard as she can to be the best, and playing on a boys team makes it that much harder, but she can do it.”