Student Spotlight: Chloe Poroslay

Paige Kissinger

Staff Writer

This month’s student spotlight focuses on senior Chloe Poroslay. With graduation just around the corner, her plans are set in stone. Poroslay was accepted in the Questbridge National College Match Scholarship, which matches low income students with full rides to top schools.

“The process was intense, but worth it. I encourage everyone, sophomores and juniors in particular, to check QuestBridge out and see if they qualify. For me, it was a life saver,” she says.

Poroslay was accepted into Davidson College, located on the main street of Davidson, North Carolina. She is interested in learning many things, such as computer science, environmental biology, German, and dance with a pre-law track.

“But who knows? I’m also interested in engineering, human bio, and my life goal is to become an astronaut,” Poroslay says. “I like to argue.”

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Poroslay participated in Davidson’s Spring Visit Program in March where they flew her to the campus. “It was an amazing experience. I met some of the coolest people and made some great friends,” she says. She had front row seats to Davidson’s Q&A style discussion with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She also attended several courses and met with many professors during her stay at Davidson.

“The town of Davidson has a really cozy small-town vibe, it reminds me of one of my hometowns, Windham, New York,” Poroslay says.

When asked what she will remember most about Foran, she said, “On moving to Foran last May, I felt like the new kid for all of thirty seconds, and I won’t forget that. I’m going to miss the five minute walks to the beach after school.”

Poroslay can’t wait to experience and learn new things in college, but says the thing that she will miss the most when moving to North Carolina is “just how liberal Connecticut really is.”

To learn more about the scholarship that Poroslay participated in, there is a website available online here.