If You Got Swag, Join YAG!

Amber Frank

Staff Writer

Youth and Government Club might seem like a bore but it is just the opposite! I’ve been a member as a freshman, junior and am now the Vice President as a senior. Starting off I didn’t know much about government or politics and I wasn’t sure I was interested either. YAG, our nickname for the club, changed that. I learned all about writing bills, debating and the process that comes with trying to pass a bill in the senate. The club died out recently but has been revived by two of our awesome history teachers Mr.Tupka and Mrs. Gillman. We have the great opportunity to go to two conferences in Hartford over the school year, one being an entire weekend in March. A bunch of different schools from all over CT come together at these conferences and get into heated debates over bills ranging from serious to silly. These conventions give each delegation the opportunity to voice their opinions and connect with peers from many different cities. On the weekend we go away they even hold a social for all us teens on Saturday night so we can hang out and get to know one another even better. A direct quote about our club from Dylan DeStefano, my fellow YAG member. “Youth and Government is definitely a lot of fun. I believe our Foran Delegacy is very successful, we got one bill passed and one vetoed.  The more members we have, the more bills we can get passed. I highly recommend this club to anyone with strong political beliefs or even anyone who is interested in learning about the government.” I foresee awesome things for this club in the near future; I’m very excited for this upcoming year. I highly suggest joining this club!