Shakespearience in the City


Juliana Tuozzola

Staff Writer

unnamedForan students took on New York City, and spent the day as city slickers. Juniors from Mr. Rauccis, Mrs. Dooley’s, and Mr. Turtola’s class participated in this spectacular trip to Manhattan. The day was spent touristing around Times Square and Central Park, eating a divine lunch in the heart of Manhattan, and seeing Broadway’s hit musical “Something Rotten.”

The musical, Something Rotten corresponds with the juniors studies in English. Students have endeavored profound works of old English from Shakespeare such as Hamlet and Macbeth. Something Rotten is a musical comedy which inhabits and satirizes Shakespeare himself, as well as his most famous works. With some of the most famous Shakespearean lines embedded in the broadway show, students were able to understand and enjoy a humorous side to Shakespeare.

English teacher, Ms. Defonzo communicates her interpretation and enjoyment of the show. “Something Rotten was lively, wildly entertaining, clever, witty, and overall well done.” Ms. Defonzo also speaks about having to acquire prior knowledge upon Shakespeare satire to understand the musical. Luckily, all English students who attended obtain a knowingness of Shakespeare’s works, old English, and satirism. Mrs. Defonzo also adds, “The cast was not large, but they were so talented and did multiple things. The acoustics were great as well.”

Aside from reading and analyzing Shakespeare in class, students were provided with an outside of class learning experience. Seeing a Broadway show was certainly fun and entertaining, but it also served as a distinct and unique way of interpreting Shakespeare. Junior Kyra Angileri says, “It was a cool experience to see what we learn in a classroom illustrated on a stage in a funny and more relatable way.” Angileri also adds, “It exposed us to an entirely different way of learning compared to simply sitting and reading. I have such a better understanding of Shakespeare as an important figure, and how his works came about as well.”

Students were also able to experience the chaotic and beautiful nature of the city as they walked around Times Square and Central Park sulking in the New York culture. Junior Kim Simko talks about seeing Central Park. “Central park was so relaxing. We sat on one of the big rocks in the middle of the park and had the best view of the Manhattan skyscrapers. The view was breathtaking and so nice.” Simko elaborates upon her enjoyment of Central Park stating, “There were people running, playing soccer, and even singing in Central Park. It’s a nice place in the city to relax and be surrounded by both nature and urbanism.”

The trip to the city was both a success, and memorable experience. Students have broadened their Shakespearean knowledge and appreciation. This musical comedy enlightened English students and teachers with a humorous aspect to old English. The city and the show was such a lively and amazing experience of which all students enjoyed.