Key Club Helps Out With Spring Blood Drive

Alyssa, Ashley, Madison, and Alexa help out with today's blood drive
Alyssa, Ashley, Madison, and Alexa help out with today’s blood drive

Khadija Ashfaq


Today, on April 5, Key Club is successfully running their spring Blood Drive where students, faculty, and staff decide to donate blood that will go to the Red Cross. Key Club is known to hold two blood drives every academic year; one in the fall as well as one in the spring. Anyone the age of seventeen and older was welcome to donate. This included students, teachers, and any other member of the school staff who all took the initiative to donate blood to the Red Cross due to both their willingness as well as eligibility to do so. In the fall, the Blood Drive consisted of over 30 students, teachers, and other staff members who chose to donate blood to the Red Cross. This year there is also a large number of participants who donated blood. Mrs. Ganun, who is the advisor of Key Club as well as one of the gym teachers, expressed her thoughts on this event by stating, “The Blood Drive is awesome because it shows a great community and it also shows that we are so willing as faculty and staff as well as students to donate blood to those who need it most.” The members of Key Club are helping throughout the day, taking time out of their study halls to go down to the auditorium and help with anything that they can. Thanks to those who decided to donate blood, help out, and everyone else involved, the Red Cross has gained a surplus of donations to help further their program.