Student Government Hosts Mr. Foran Pageant


Khadija Ashfaq


This year Student Government will be hosting a Mr. Foran Pageant. As of now the date for the pageant has been set for Friday April 15 after school. Although it’s been a couple of years since the last attempt, this year the members of the Student Government club  are both excited and determined to host this pageant. There are nine brave contestants to sign up for the pageant, which will be Hollywood themed for the night. The nine contestants who will be participating in the pageant are Ethan Kanlong, RJ Balado, Nick Dana, Rob Ramono, Patrick Grinder, Victor Rosado, Jubilee Witte, Joel Kozak, and Devon Verma, The contestants will also be participating in three categories; formal wear, which will consist of a question and answer portion, talent, and swimwear. Student Government is working hard to make this event one that is enjoyable for both the contestants as well as the people who will come to watch. Mackenzie Coughlin, a member of Student Government, said “The Mr. Foran Pageant is a fun and creative way to drive school spirit. “

There have also been rumors that there will be a group dance that the contestants will perform similar to the one in the movie Miss. Congeniality without the Statue of Liberty costumes and the undercover FBI agent. As far as the prize goes, the winner, who will be named Mr. Foran, will receive a sash as well as a gold cape. Besides the sash and cape, there will also be a $100 cash prize for the first place winner. Let’s see who will be this year’s Mr. Foran. Student Government is currently selling tickets during all three lunch waves for $8.