Cedrick Finishes Strong as a Lion, Looks to Fulfill as a Yale Bulldog


Reilee Barron                

Staff Writer

                Cedrick RBSenior Cedrick Lingane, an active member of the Foran High Community, is in the spotlight this month.

                Cedrick is a very successful teenager in more ways than one. He takes his schooling very seriously and his outstanding grades have opened up an amazing opportunity for his future. In the fall, Cedrick plans to accept the offer to attend Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut. There, he will study mechanical engineering, finance, and computing. His goal coming out of Yale is to build a business that will provide society with a helpful product or service. When asked where he sees himself in ten years, Cedrick replied, “In ten years I see myself fulfilling my goal and running a successful company.”

Outside of the classroom, Cedrick has a busy life. In his free time, he enjoys learning about investing and studying computer science. Cedrick has also been playing soccer throughout his entire high school career. He shared his thoughts about his soccer career, saying, “I love the game and it is very important to me because it has helped me make great friends and gain more confidence.” Aside from sports, Cedrick is also an active participant in school clubs. He is part of the Foran STEM team, after hearing about it from Mr. Connors during his junior year. He says, “The STEM team is a great club because it is good competition and a place to apply the skills you learn in high school. It allows you to work with professions and see a high level of work.”

As a hardworking student, athlete, and club member, Cedrick admits that he struggles with certain aspects. He shares that he struggles with planning and procrastinating, as most high school students do with their busy lifestyles. He shares that he often finds that he has to work extra hard to make up for it, as a result. Though this can be a struggle, Cedrick has found a way to overcome it. He says, “I try my best to stay organized and create a schedule that I follow seriously.” Senior Madison Wong shared with us, “Cedrick is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking people I have ever met. I have known him for three years and I have watched him excel in academics and sports. Cedrick manages his time well and is able to partake in several clubs and sports, as well as maintain a strong academic performance. He has an admirable. At all times I have found Cedrick to be a reliable, honest, and dedicated individual.”

With all that is on his plate, Cedrick still manages to keep a positive attitude. He uses the word “disciplined”, to describe himself, which accurately describes his hardworking personality and success. In order to pass along his success to other students, Cedrick offers a word of advice, saying, “Always strive to do the most, do well, and do what you are truly passionate about.”