GSA Growing with Support


GSA is a club at Foran HS. New members are encouraged to join. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Fameli
GSA is a club at Foran HS. New members are encouraged to join. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Fameli







Alyssa Fameli

Staff Writer

Four years and an expanding population later, Foran’s GSA club continues to capture more student’s interest. The amazement of how many people have joined this year is fascinating the members. But, what really is GSA? The club’s title stands for Gender Sexuality Alliance, and it is a group support for the kids of the LGBTQA+ community. Ms. Voss runs the group with the new help of Ms. Cassell and the leaders, Brittney Sicotte and Jack Della-Bitta Falkowski.

Cassell said, “I started helping out last November. Ms. Voss asked if there were any teachers that worked here that would want to help out. I responded right away just because I thought it would be really fun.” She is always showing up with a smile, excited to be interacting with the students there and the day’s activities. Four year member Sicotte said, “We do different fundraisers, and they all eventually lead up to our one big trip to the True Colors conference at the University of Connecticut.” The friendly atmosphere helps to introduce new members with ease and comfort.

GSA is different from other clubs because of their fundraisers and drive for educating. Sophomore and two year member Della-Bitta Falkowski said, “Every other week during GSA, we teach a class on some aspect of the queer community, and in between those presentations, we show a video or do a craft.” Sicotte added, “We do ‘Palentines’, where you write a nice little note to a pal. We also sell ally chains to help towards the True Colors trip.” Every student around school has seen the tables set up at lunch to write on a link and attach it to the chain. The drive behind that idea is to, as Cassell said, “Show how everyone is united together.” They also help to support the club and bringing them to the big True Colors conference. Cassell added, “I went for the first time last year and everyone is really excited about it. It’s a really fun and cool experience to see everyone there for the same reason and uniting together. Everyone is being themselves.” If you are interested in joining the club, go on down to room 114 after school every Tuesday!