Reporter on the Street

Aley Phelan

How are you “Rocking the Red Carpet” at Homecoming?

image (7)

Emma L, Freshman, is “wearing a purple dress, with a sparkly belt.”

 image (6)

Paul P, Freshman, is “wearing a button down shirt”

image (3)

Andre V, Sophomore, will be rockin’ a “nice ironed collared shirt with a tie and nice ironed dress pants” he is adding some “bling” to the ensemble as well.

image (4)Alyssa G, Junior, is sporting a “fancy pink dress with lace details”

image (11)Bryce C, Senior, is arriving in “a vest and bow tie”

 image (8)

Mr. Brennan, is rockin’ the red carpet “the only way that Bren-swag would”