Weiner Scandal Leads to Reopening of Clinton’s Email Case


Anthony Weiner (pictured above) attempted to make a comeback as Mayor of NYC in 2013, asking for a “second chance”. However, his repeated sexting scandals earned him a five percent vote in the primaries. Photo Courtesy of Center for American Progress Action Fund on Flickr. 


Griffin Ondek

Staff Writer

In an attempt to investigate Anthony Weiner’s second sexting scandal, the FBI uncovers some of the “missing emails” that once belonged to Hillary Clinton.

Anthony Weiner, a former Congressman and current politician, is no stranger to being in the spotlight. In 2011, he was forced to resign from Congress due to him posting a photo of his genitals to a woman on Twitter. After “disappearing” for a few years, Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, launched a comeback campaign for Weiner to become mayor of New York City (USA Today).  Under the alias “Carlos Danger”, Weiner continuously sexted and got involved with an aspiring adult film star who leaked his messages to the world. Most recently reported, Weiner had been sending photos and messages back and forth with a girl who is only 15 years old (breitbart.com).The investigation has been going on since early September of this year, but only recently has it made front-page news.

Amid wading through the messages and emails of Anthony Weiner, the FBI had uncovered some of Hillary Clinton’s infamous “missing emails”. The case had been closed over the summer by FBI director James Comey, but has recently been reopened due to new findings. Weiner, being married to Huma Abedin, who is chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign, had many of Abedin’s emails on his laptop. CBS News reports, “Abedin, according to law enforcement sources, was cooperating with officials and ‘seemed surprised that the emails were there’. According to Fox News, the FBI has a warrant to search the laptop that they seized from Weiner, and can determine what of his emails are related to Clinton’s server.

Five year history teacher Mr. Tupka gives his background information on Weiner in saying “Anthony Weiner has disgraced the American political system, and has proven to be a poor role model for the American youth”. Tupka believes Weiner has relation to the Clinton case due to the fact that “his relationship to Clinton through Abedin puts him in a position where he likely knew some level of the information in Clinton’s emails since Abedin is the chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign”. Speaking on Abedin’s relation to Clinton and her email scandal, Tupka says, “In any campaign, regardless of the party, the staff’s primary objective is to get the candidate elected. Unfortunately, this means that all parties try to squash controversies that can hurt their candidates”.