ECA Students Exhibit Their Work at This Quarter’s Art Show


Photo Courtesy of Michelle Brunson. 

Michelle Brunson

Staff Writer 

On October 27, 2016, the work created by the students of the Educational Center for the Arts, or better known as ECA. ECA is a public arts magnet high school, made up of students from all over Connecticut located in New Haven, Connecticut. ECA consists of five different departments: visual arts, writing, dance, theater, and music. The current student enrollment at the Educational Center of the Arts as of 2016 is 313, which consists of the grades nine through twelve.

This school brings light to the artistic talents of each individual that attends this school. With that being said, the visual arts department hosts an art show right in the school at the end of each quarter that showcases each of the students best pieces and or favorite pieces. There were many pieces exhibited at the show that night, including the works of students from Foran.

Senior Julia Brunson, who’s been attending ECA for two years recalls “I think this quarter’s art show was successful because nude / real life figure  and portrait drawing is much more difficult than it seems and I feel like I was able to bring my own personal style of being very textural chunky into each of the pieces I created and I was honestly really happy with the outcome of it.” Ava Kovlakas, who’s also a senior and has been attending ECA for four years also says, “I really felt like this quarter’s art show showcased some of my best work of my high school career. I was finally able to integrate a lot of the technique and skills learned over the years, so it was really satisfying to see my education paying off in my art.” Ava also adds “If I had to change something about the show, it wouldn’t be my artwork, but the amount of people who came. ECA students never fail to deliver quality artwork, and I wish more people — including Foran students — would come see and support us!”