Foran Homecoming Fashion Trends

Maddie Buckley

Staff Writer

This year’s Fall Festival-themed homecoming dance was a perfect representation of everyone’s favorite fall fashions. Students dressed up in their favorite semi-formal attire, showcasing the colors, fabrics, and overall silhouettes of the fall season. Colors tended to stay on the warmer side, with students wearing deep reds and pinks. These colors are perfect for a Fall Festival theme, as they are reminiscent of the colors found in the changing leaves. In contrast, Electric blues were also a popular color at the dance. This pop of color was often accompanied by a neutral heel, in either nude or white. As summer tans fade away, light colors such as white or light pastels were not seen, as they tend to wash someone out, especially someone with fair skin. Black, a classic fan favorite, was also seen at the dance. The fabric seen a lot throughout the homecoming dance was suede. While this fabric can get hot at times, it’s super comfortable and allows for a lot of movement. Suede was seen everywhere this season, especially at the dance. Lace was also seen, with a lot of emphasis on maroon lace with a skater-dress silhouette. Velvet, a fabric that was popular at last year’s homecoming and has been seen styled in stores such as American Eagle, was not as prominent at this year’s dance. This is understandable, as velvet tends to not be a super breathable fabric and can be quite uncomfortable, a factor taken into consideration when getting ready for a high-energy dance.  High necklines were all the rage this year, with turtleneck-like styles and chokers popping up all over the dance. This style of neckline has not only been a trend at homecoming, but throughout the entire year.

Electrical blues and reds were popular colors this season. Photo courtesy of Catie Stiffler