Key Club Rings the Salvation Army Bell

Quinn Lofthouse

Staff Writer


Key Club members volunteering for Salvation Army outside of Walmart on November 19, 2016, Photo courtesy of Quinn Lofthouse.

The Salvation Army is supported by our very own Key Club this holiday season to raise money for the people in need in the local community.

Key Club is a national organization that is a club at many schools that is devoted to helping their community. Every year the volunteers stand outside of stores like Stop and Shop and Walmart and collect money from coming and going costumers for the Salvation Army.“Volunteering for the Salvation Army is such a great experience because you are directly making an impact upon others.”, says Junior Key club member, Mikayla Duhaime,  “Also it puts you in the holiday spirit of giving and caring for those who may have it hard.”  These students are dedicated enough to helping their community that they stand outside in the cold for sometimes 12 hours in one day.

The months of winter and fall are an important time for giving back and that is what the Salvation Army’s goal is to do. This association’s main focus is on giving back to the local community, especially during the holiday season. These donations often go to residents of the community who are in need of food and clothes. In this holiday season, times get tough and cold, so lending a hand to those in need means the world to them.When talking about getting involved with the organization, the Salvation Army says,“Almost 3.3 million people of all ages volunteered their time, talents, and resources to assist The Salvation Army’s work in FY 2015. Our volunteers are critical partners in helping us fulfill our promise to America of ‘Doing the Most Good.’” Every volunteer who devotes their time to raising money is greatly appreciated.

How can you get involved? The Salvation Army not only has their red kettles(that hold their donations) outside of multiple local stores but there is an option to donate online.Allie May, Key Club member, says “I love volunteering during the winter for the Salvation Army. It’s not only a way to support my community but I also get to have fun while doing it.” Another way to help is donating clothes, furniture, and household goods.  To get a more hands on experience, you can volunteer your time with some of the Key Club members collecting donations.