The Mannequin Challenge


Senior Teddy Deboise Tweeted a video of the Foran  football team doing the mannequin challenge. The video was retweeted by Gametime CT and Mane Street Mirror. Photo via @teddydeboise on Twitter.

Griffin Ondek

Staff Writer

Seeing less and less of Harambe and “the death of Vine” on Twitter feeds worldwide, the start of a new trend was inevitable. The mannequin challenge is coming in a tidal wave to wash out your news feed. Many internet “challenges” have come about in the past: Ice bucket, cinnamon, chubby bunny, running man, and Coke and Mentos challenges. Most of these challenges involve doing something you would normally do. For example, the cinnamon challenge requires participants to eat a spoonful of cinnamon, thus, making it challenge.

However, a refreshing change has come to the world of challenges. The mannequin challenge is purely for fun. There is no potential harm, no physical attributes needed, nor any items required items to participate. The only thing you need is a smartphone and to be really still. The entire challenge in this trend is to pose as still as possible, and portray a possible scenario. For example, us at Foran journalism made a mannequin challenge video that you can see on the Mane Street Mirror Instagram or Twitter. In the video, we exaggerated what a day in our class looks like, complete with Mrs. Farrell yelling at us.

The most popular example of the mannequin challenge was done by Rae Sremmurd, a rap duo from Tupelo, Mississippi. In their video, a live concert is portrayed as both Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy freeze in time in unison with the concert attendees. Other celebrity figures have also taken the challenge. In a final push for her campaign, Hillary Clinton, among others, including Bon Jovi, posed for the challenge aboard an airplane ( Multiple sports teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Buffalo Bills. Most notably, the University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team created a video in which the thousands of attendees also participated in “mannequin-ing”. News channels like ESPN and FOX have also taken the challenge.