Netflix Allows New Option For Online Users


Kyle Cohen poses with his downloaded episode of Stranger Things. Photo courtesy Michelle Brunson.

Kyle Cohen

Editorial Editor

All binge-watchers rejoice! A new Netflix feature is allowing mobile users to download show episodes and movies so they can view them offline, without the use of excessive data.

This announcement came yesterday, along with a mobile application update allowing for the feature. Many Foran students utilise this streaming service, and many see this update as a huge advancement and are excited to use this feature over our the holiday break when they travel.

Senior Sami Hoyt commented saying, “This new Netflix option is super convenient, especially for when I run out of data towards the end of the month.” She continued, “I think it’s cool that I can watch movies and continue watching Gossip Girl on my way to Rhode Island to see my family over break.”

The option is only available to certain shows and movies, including Black Mirror, NCIS, Bloodline, and Stranger Things. According to, this new option will not allow the Disney movies and shows to be downloaded, but many more shows are to be available offline.