College is Right Around the Corner

Olivia Ouellette

Staff Writer 

College Planning Night PIcture 1 .JPG
Parents and students attend the college planning night to learn more about the college process and what colleges the students are interested in. Photo Courtesy of Foran Staff on March 28, 2017. 

On March 28,  the Guidance Department held a College Planning Night open to all parents and students who wanted to get a head start on the next step after graduation. The night consisted of all guidance counselors going through the process juniors will be going through very soon, or that future underclassmen will being in future years. The tips the guidance counselors went through consisted of financial aid, college testing, how to look for the college we want, and more. Ryan Michelson, a junior, states “It helped me a lot, it allowed me to attain more knowledge of how I can contact the school and their resources to help me in the college process.” They went through extensive detail about the SAT. ACT, and SAT subject test that will assist in the acceptance process of colleges. “Hearing more about the ACT really made me realize everything that needs to be done in preparation for that” says junior, Naydu Nunno.  Mrs. Basher did a live demonstration of how to use super search on Naviance which is a very helpful school resource which helps us find the ideal college we want. Based on what size college we want, based on our major, and many more choices that will help us find that ideal college. Sophomore Daniel House states “I’m so excited for next year and starting to plan for college. This night put everything in perspective for me, and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life.” This night helped multiple students be fully prepared for college, which again is right around the corner.