Pasta and Jazz

Gianna Cruciani 

Staff Writer

Foran Jazz Band members warming up for their performance on May 9th. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Shearer.

What could be better than a night of  all you can eat pasta and jazz music? Friday May 12th, marked the ninth annual Pata and Jazz event in at Foran High School.  Mrs. Shearer, the band director,  stated that, “ I am already looking forward to our 10th year!  I expect this event will continue for years to come as it is a favorite of band members, their families, and alumni.”

The night began with a performance by the East Shore Jazz Club directed by Eric Boccia followed by  the Foran Improv Jazz class  and  Jazz Band. Foran Jazz Band is a good opportunity to develop new musical skills.  Mrs. Shearer, said that, “Taking Jazz Band expands students knowledge of music.   Jazz is the one style of music that originated in the United States and is part of our musical culture.  The ensemble is audition based and ‘one on a part’ so it is essential that each student be able to play at a high level.  The interpretation of Jazz Band music differs from concert band and includes improvisation.”

This event is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talent. Nathan Garofano,a junior, has been playing the trombone since fifth grade and has been in jazz band for two years. Garofano said although it is more challenging, the music is more fun. Kyle Stuart, a saxophone player, said,  “I like jazz more than regular band because it allows me to individually get better and play a different type of music.”   Stewart also said that, “If you really like music and want to learn a different style or type of music, then don’t be afraid to join.”