Wrapping Up The Spring Sport Season

Olivia Ouellette
Staff Writer

Girls lacrosse team preparing before their game against North Haven. Photo Courtesy of Samantha O’Neill.  

The year is coming to an end and Spring sports have had an exceptional season of hard work, and wins against some tough teams.“This season we performed very very well, I am very pleased with our successful season”, stated Mr. Vitelli when asked about this spring season. Each team had their fair share of impressive wins, and close losses but overall were successful in teamwork and working as one unit whether win or loss. The coaches work extremely hard in order to prepare their teams for the season ahead of them, as well as hopefully making it into States. When Mr.Connors, the coach of the girls’ lacrosse team, was asked what does it take to make it to states he stated, “to qualify for states in a sport like girls lacrosse it is important to have the skills to pass and and catch and play defense but it is most important to work as one unit where everyone knows what to do on the field to support each other.” Working as one unit applies to every sport played, which is why this season was so successful. Captain of the boys lacrosse team Steven Soerensen says, “We work hard all season in both practice and games. By doing this we are used to playing full speed and to our best,  which helps contribute to success in regular season and towards States.  A total of seven teams have made it onto states, and will continue to compete in their designated tournaments. The teams who have made it onto the postseason states tournaments include boys’ lacrosse, girls’ lacrosse, softball, boys’ track, girls’ track, girls’ tennis, and baseball. Each sport that qualified  have different schedules for their games days.

The girls tennis coach along with two members of the team prepare for states. Photo courtesy of Ms. Kaminski