Teacher Spotlight : Señora Sheppard


Ent Sheppard 2 LabazzoAndrew Labozzo

Staff Writer

               Señora Sheppard es muy simpatica. In English this means Mrs. Sheppard is very nice. Sheppard has been one of the biggest highlights for students at Joseph A. Foran High School. As Spanish has been a great language to learn about, Sheppard has taken Spanish to a way students enjoy learning about the culture and the meaning behind it.

In addition to teaching at four different schools Sheppard has been teaching for 34 years. Not a lot of teachers have a talented way of making students want to go to class. Not just teaching, Sheppard also conducts fiestas which helps the classes learn about the Spanish culture. These fiestas have dancing, and classes get to experience some of the Spanish food and much more.

The way Sheppard got into Spanish is by growing up with her friend’s family who are Puerto Rican. Sheppard says, “She fell in love with the culture of their family.” It’s very interesting how people like Sheppard have ways to learn about other people’s culture.

Besides students, she feels that she has good relationships with the other Spanish teachers in the school.  Junior Students Stephen Jarrell and Troy Cappiello both agreed that they wish we were back in her class. Sheppard doesn’t just teach Spanish, she is in charge of  the World Culture Club where students learn the different culture of different countries. She enjoys all the cultural themed activities that she was involved with at the time she has been teaching at Foran.

She could not be a better teacher than she can be right now. She’s come a long way from where she has begun. Since she has a lot of care for people. Sheppard says , “ If I wasn’t teaching Spanish, I would like to become a nurse.” Sheppard is a teacher with an abundance of amazing qualities and will be remembered as one of the great teachers here at Foran.