Weather Changing In October

Natasha Mora

Staff Writer

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Everyone has noticed the changes in weather this year. Normally, when fall comes around on September 22, the weather becomes colder as the days go by. This year, that is not the case. The weather has actually gotten warmer. In October, there were several days that lingered in the 70’s and higher, while in September the weather was still sunny with occasional 80 degree days. That is definitely not normal. In past years, it has snowed in October. The weather these days give us nothing but humidity and rain. Mrs. Kosenski, a french teacher, gives her input on the difference in temperatures. Asking her how she felt about how October was warm and then suddenly cold, this was her response. “It’s (no pun intended) kind of a breath of fresh air. The humidity was very uncomfortable and it’s cold and crisp out now, better sleeping weather, and it’s October – it’s supposed to be cold out!” Dana Edmondson, had to say, “I liked the warm weather because it felt like summer was still holding on, but then it went to being too cold, too fast.” The weather definitely was wishy-washy this season, who knows what next week’s forecast will be like.